InputApp is licensed under GPL-2

As for the libraries that it uses:

Library iOS android license link
Input yes yes GPL-2 input
QT yes yes GPL/LGPLv3 qt
exiv2 no yes GPL-2 exiv2
expat yes yes MIT libexpat
freexl yes yes MPL-1.1/GPL-2+/LGPL-2.1+ freexl
gdal yes yes X/MIT gdal
geos yes yes LGPL-2.1 geos
iconv yes yes GPL/LGPL iconv
spatialindex yes yes MIT libspatialindex
spatialite yes yes MPL-1.1/GPL-2+/LGPL-2.1+ spatialite
libtasn1 yes no GPL-2.1+ libtasn1
libtiff yes yes libtiff license libtiff
libzip yes yes libzip license libzip
openssl yes* yes Apache-2.0 openssl
mdal yes yes MIT mdal
postgresql yes yes PostgreSQL (~MIT) PostgreSQL
proj yes yes MIT proj
qca yes yes LGPL-2.1 qca
qgis yes yes GPL-2 qgis
qtkeychain yes yes BSD-2-Clause qtkeychain
sqlite3 yes** yes Public Domain sqlite3
zlib no yes GNU license zlib

* indirectly through QT ** indirectly through NDK