Value Relation widget is very similar to the Value Map tool, but the values for the drop-down menu come from another table (e.g. a CSV or another Geopackage table).

The advantage of having this widget:

  • Ability to edit the values in the field. For example, if you have missed a value in your list for the drop-down menu, you can edit the table in Input and add the value. See Working with non-spatial tables section for more information.

  • Ability to search the values: when you have a large list of values, it will become cumbersome to find the right value. With this widget, you will be able to search for values in the list.

  • Selecting multiple values


To set up a value relation widget:

  • Download and open this example project in QGIS
  • Notice the extra table in your layer tree: reftable
  • From the layer panel, right-click on Points layer and select Properties
  • In the new window, select Attributes form


  • Select valuerelation field under the right column (Available Widgets)
  • Under the Widget Display:
  • Under Widget Type section:
    • From the drop-down menu, select Value Relation
    • For Layer select reftable
    • For Key column and Value column, select type
    • Check the box for Allow multiple selections

Ensure to save and synchronise your project.


To use the drop-down widget in the form from Input:

  • Open Input on your device and from Projects > Explore download lutraconsulting/test_forms
  • Open the project
  • Select Record and add a point
  • The form will appear
  • Under Group2 tab, you can select the valuerelation from the drop-down menu:

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