If you want to record time and date when you capture the feature, you need to make sure you have a field with Date or Date and Time type present in your survey layer. Note that all GIS data formats support these types of field. It is assumed, you use Geopackage layer, hence this field type is supported.


To set up a data and time widget:

  • Download and open this example project in QGIS
  • From the layer panel, right-click on survey layer and select Properties
  • In the new window, select Attributes form


  • Select DateTime field under the right column (Available Widgets)
  • Under the Widget Display, from Widget Type section:
    • From the drop-down menu, select Date/Time
    • Under Widget Display, select Calendar popup
  • Under Defaults, type now()

By setting the default value to now(), it will assign the date and time when the feature is captured.

Ensure to save and synchronise your project.


To use the date/time widget in the form from Input:

  • Open Input on your device and from Projects > Explore download documentation\form_setup
  • Open the project
  • Select Record and add a point
  • The form will appear, when selecting the field for date and time a calendar will pop up with the current time automatically set: