When collecting data, you may want to apply constraints to certain field(s) so that the correct information is entered.


To set up the default value for x field:

  • Download and open this example project in QGIS
  • From the layer panel, right-click on survey layer and select Properties
  • In the new window, select Attributes form


  • Select number field under the right column (Available Widgets)
  • Under the Constraints:
    • Select Not null
    • Select Enforce not null constraints
    • For Expression type “number” >= 1
    • Select Enforce expression constraint


In Input:

  • Open Input on your device and from Projects > Explore download documentation\form_setup
  • Open the project
  • Select Record and add a point
  • The form will appear
  • Under Data tab, you need to set the Number of plants: and the value should be more than or equal 1.